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Our Story

P.A.S.T Ways is a charity that was established in 2012. We are based in Ecclesfield but support children, young people and families across Sheffield. We prioritise the Emotional Health and Wellbeing (EHWB) as well as the social development and nurturing of students. Our belief is that before a young person can focus on their educational development and look forward to their future, they must feel safe, secure and cared for. With this in mind we help students to pick up skills in fun, interesting and engaging ways with a family-style ethos to foster the key elements needed for young people to be able to concentrate on their future achievements. 

Our purpose is to provide social, emotional support and guidance to young people and their families. We aim to help people overcome adversity and focus on their growth, offering a safe place for students who are not coping well in mainstream education. 

Our number one value is listening. We listen to young people and their families, raising aspirations, self esteem and self belief. Supporting the growth of all these things in our students helps them to become strong, happy and productive members of the community. Our relaxed, family-style atmosphere takes away the pressure, and often results in happier, less stressed students who are able to progress and have an overall more positive outlook. We incorporate team building games and discussions, through out the day. 

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