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For All Students

All our students have a programme that is tailored to their needs, abilities and progression routes. We work in tandem with schools, to keep students on track and make sure they are able to continually make progress.  We also offer flexible hours for students who struggle with full days at school, P.A.S.T. Ways will facilitate and encourage the student to build up to attending full days.

We give all our students our best care and guidance to help them progress onto the next stages of their future/careers. We prioritise emotional and social wellbeing while providing each young person with an age and ability-appropriate programme. We have a range of different-sized rooms that provide different working environments to suit each student.

Each student has the opportunity to take part in the AQA Unit Award Scheme, helping them to build knowledge and skills in a portfolio of certificates. We also run team-building exercises and outdoor work to build social skills, communication and teamwork. 

Additionally, we work closely with schools to support the writing of My Plans as well as Educational Healthcare Plans (EHCP). 

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