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Barry Haughton, Youth Justice Team

"They do some fantastic work with the young people placed there. The staff are amazing and manage to help the youngsters to achieve when the mainstream school's can't. They deserve more recognition for the work they do."

''Thank you for making my time on placement amazing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and will miss working with you all and the children. You have taught and provided me with a huge insight into this area of work. I believe what P.A.S.T ways provides children with, is not only essential but also inspiring. I aspire to make the same impact on children's lives, as you all do. Thank you for everything!''

Hannah, University Student

''My son moved here recently and after a few days, he settled in perfectly. I couldn't ask for a better team who supported my son right up to the end. He has made friends and met people he can turn to outside of his school. I couldn't ask for more support than these ladies gave to both me and my son. I wish he had gone sooner as the help and strategies they have provided have been fantastic and detrimental to us all. Thanks so much to Pat and everyone at Pastways 🙏 ❤️''

Parent of a student.

''I spend two weeks of my placement at P.A.S.T. Ways, supporting and observing. It was an amazing experience. The students looked very happy and comfortable due to the homey atmosphere. The staff were very approachable and friendly and made me feel welcome from the moment I stepped through the door. It was a privilege to learn about their important work with young people.''

Dominika Maria Rybak, University Student

''The amber service has been delivering a 5-week programme on gangs, drugs and joint enterprises and it's been a pleasure working with the young people at P.A.S.T.Ways. They have all engaged in the programme with maturity and it has been a pleasure working with the staff and children.''

Allison Hession, Amber Service

''The team here have created a safe, family-like environment for students. I came to past ways for two weeks as part of my teacher training from the University of Sheffield. This gave me a window into the lives of students beyond the classroom and the many things they may struggle with. It was so pleasing to see the care and concern for the wellbeing of the students and I hope to be able to bring this to my career as a classroom teacher. Thank you Pat and the team!''

Harri, University Student 

''Within minutes of walking in, we were put at ease, and by the time we had finished our first visit, we knew this was the place for my grandson.

After attending P.A.S.T Ways for a few weeks he was finally happy in his education, all because he was listened to, able to work at his own pace and, most importantly, he felt safe. While my grandson was at P.A.S.T Ways he got diagnosed with a lot, but that didn't stop him, he wasn't getting sent home or shouted at as much and he was no longer viewed as a 'bad child' as he had been in the past. 

P.A.S.T Ways worked for my grandson, his confidence grew, he was given time when needed, and for the first time, I felt that he was safe. The staff have gone above and beyond for my grandson, helping him overcome his biggest hurdles, and helping him to achieve, not fail. My Grandson is now attending college and without Pat and the hard work of her and the team this would not have been possible. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I could write forever, and it still wouldn't be enough! We couldn't have done it without you all.''

Grandparent of a former Student.

''P.A.S.T.Ways are an integral part of the portfolio of placement settings we use for our students that are studying on courses covering education, psychology and childhood, providing a range of meaningful and flexible placement opportunities that contribute to the development of students’ careers. Pat supports our students with the utmost care and empathy, and we know that she looks after the pupils in the same way. She’s our go-to for any extra placements that we need – I don’t think she’s ever said “no” to our requests! Our students thrive during their time with Pat and her team, to the extent that several students have carried on volunteering at P.A.S.T Ways, or have taken on paid roles after their course ends. As placement administrators, hearing that we matched the students so well to a setting that they then go on to work there, is the best validation that we are doing our job properly, and we certainly get that from the fabulous team at P.A.S.T Ways!''

Education Placements Team, Sheffield Hallam University

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